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GALMATIC: Is your car holiday ready?

Galmatic share their Top Three Tips to get your car road-trip ready. Unsure whether your car is road-trip ready? Head to your vehicles local dealer, and […]

GALMATIC – Dangerous fakes (and how to avoid them)

Every year hundreds of thousands of counterfeit vehicle parts are seized. Counterfeit vehicle parts are rapidly becoming a global epidemic. Manufactured and distributed by criminal networks, […]
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GALMATIC: How to read your PDS

Have you read your car insurance PDS? You know, that 100 page or so document that has all of your policy details in it? No? Well… […]
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Global Brake Safety Council Warning

In its Information Release on 22 October 2018, the Global Brake Safety Council (GBSC) expressed grave concerns about the “infiltration of fraudulent brakes” The GBSC suggests […]