12 October 2018


Do you drive through any of these national crash hot spots?

New crash data shows the roads most likely to bend fenders in metropolitan centres around the country.

Constantly congested, Plenty Road in Bundoora, Melbourne takes outright honours on the ‘avoid’ list. The three lane road leads the nation as the location most likely to see you exchanging details with another driver… or exchanging paint with a tram.

Do any of these newly minted black spots look a little too familiar?

  1. Melbourne – Plenty Road, Bundoora
  2. Sydney – Hume Highway – Liverpool
  3. Brisbane – Gympie Bend, Chermside
  4. Perth – Albany Highway, Carrington
  5. Canberra – Monaro Highway, Hume
  6. Adelaide – The Parade, Norwood
  7. Hobart – Argyle Street, Hobart and Sandy Bay Road, Hobart (tied)

Collision repairs are all about maximizing your vehicle’s safety, by making sure it will do the job it was designed to from factory.

How can you be sure your car will protect and perform as the maker intended? Manufacturer approved repair methods and genuine parts.

Changing even seemingly unimportant or minor parts can change the way your car performs in an accident.

Check your insurance PDS and make sure your car will be repaired the right way, and always ask the question of your repairer – “Will you use genuine parts to repair my car?”

Been in a bingle? Give this link a tingle – Genuine is Best Crash Survival Guide

Source: AAMI

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