7 September 2018


Counterfeit sellers risk lives to make 1200% mark up on fake brakes.

MALAYSIA: The New Straits Times reports several wholesalers have been exposed selling dangerous fake brake pads. Investigations revealed the fakes were purchased by the wholesalers for RM30 (AUD$10) and resold to unwitting drivers for RM400 (AUD$135).

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The parts wore genuine manufacturer logos and were represented to buyers as genuine replacement parts.

Testing has demonstrated counterfeit brake pads:

  • Fail to slow or stop vehicles.
  • Create dangerously long stopping distances.
  • Catch fire.
  • Contain asbestos.














The Malaysian Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) seized 174 fake pads illegally branded with various marques as part of the action against the wholesalers.

Over 600,000 illegal counterfeit car parts were seized in various ports over 2016 and 2017, with investigators certain that many shipments were bound for Australia. Brake pads with artfully forged branding contrived to fit 15 different automotive marques were a common sight among the seized counterfeits.

Suspect you have encountered a counterfeit vehicle part? Report it here to begin an industry investigation. 

IMAGE: Kedah KPDNHEP chief enforcement officer Chin Ching Chung (centre) at a press conference held at Alor Star, Kedah – CREDIT: New Straits Times



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