Genuine parts ensure your vehicle will drive, function and protect you the way it was intended

Genuine Parts

Made or selected by the vehicle’s maker, genuine parts are rigorously tested and are an integral component of your car or motorcycle.

Genuine parts ensure your vehicle will drive, function and protect you the way it was intended. They have met and exceeded high quality, safety and performance standards.

Non-Genuine Parts

Non-genuine parts can cause unexpected changes to your vehicle’s performance or safety. They may look similar, but they could let you down.
Non-genuine parts have not been made, selected or approved by the maker of your vehicle. They can’t necessarily promise the quality and safety attributes that come with a tested and proven genuine part. They have never been tested as an integral component by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

The four types of Non-Genuine Parts

If your vehicle has been repaired after a crash or as part of general maintenance, it’s
possible these non-genuine parts were fitted without your knowledge.

Parallel parts

Not necessarily produced for Australian specification vehicles, parallel parts are made by a vehicle manufacturer or with its approval, but do not enter the country through the correct supply chain. They may not fit Australian vehicles correctly or safely and may not function properly in Australian conditions.

Counterfeit parts

Illegal, low quality and dangerous fake parts. Designed by criminals to deceive buyers into thinking they have purchased a genuine part, counterfeits are often packaged with serial numbers and brand marks of a vehicle manufacturer. Poorly produced with sub-standard materials, counterfeit parts can damage your car and put your road safety at risk.

Salvaged parts

Removed from a damaged vehicle and ‘cleaned up’ for use in other vehicles. Also known as ‘green’ or ‘recycled’ parts, salvage parts may have been damaged or stressed in an accident. With potentially unknown origins, they may have sustained wear from previous use or degraded from weather exposure. These factors could prevent the part from working properly.

The only case where a reused part should be considered is where a car-maker itself has reconditioned the part to strict specifications.

Aftermarket parts

Never tested by your vehicle’s manufacturer, aftermarket parts may compromise vehicle systems, alter vehicle reliability or modify performance. Aftermarket parts may not offer the quality and safety that comes with a proven genuine part. They are not produced by the car or motorcycle maker, but by another company as additions to existing equipment or alternatives to genuine parts.

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