4 October 2018


Girls-only car-coaches Galmatic join industry initiative Genuine is Best.

Over the coming months, Genuine is Best and Galmatic content will arm Aussies with the knowledge to make informed decisions about the quality and integrity of parts fitted to their cars.

For over a decade, Galmatic workshops have covered the basics on road safety, vehicle maintenance and ownership. Running high school programs and female-only car know-how workshops, Galmatic have improved the car-confidence and vehicle safety of more than 50,000 participants.

Empowering with education, Galmatic Director Eleni Mitakos said one of the most common misconceptions is assuming genuine vehicle parts will always be fitted by a repairer.

“Our workshops are designed to help people maintain their cars between dealer services, and to make the best decisions for their vehicle’s performance and safety.”

“95 per cent of our participants assume genuine parts are being fitted when they are getting a service or having their car repaired. They aren’t asking their repairer what is being fitted, and they aren’t reading their insurance Product Disclosure Statement”.

Ms Mitakos said Galmatic’s mission is to help drivers save on repairs and prevent anyone from suffering a break down.

“When we saw Genuine is Best’s data, we weren’t surprised. People were saying they felt they had no control over what went into their car, but were heavily relying on price to choose insurance. 95% of people didn’t understand their insurance policy. We hear the same from our workshop participants.”

“We want to shift this conversation from cost to value and safety, and in the long-term, genuine parts are the best option for both. We use this analogy with our workshop participants: ‘You wouldn’t take a pair of Jimmy Choos for repair and let them replace the heel with whatever they had on the shelf because it was cheap and looked like it would fit’.“

“Your car is no different. If you have invested in it, you should take proper care of it, and it will take care of you. That means genuine parts and servicing.”

Galmatic will work with other experts in the automotive industry to produce content and tools to help Galmatic’s audience prevent inferior or unknown parts being fitted to their car in maintenance and repairs.

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said the initiative would empower drivers to make the best decisions about parts, vehicle insurance, servicing and maintenance.

“We want to make sure everyone has the information to make the best decisions about vehicle servicing, repairs and insurance..” he said.

“As an industry, we need to do better in educating all drivers about the choices available. Being informed means having the confidence to ask the right questions such as ‘which parts are being fitted to my car’? ‘Are they genuine parts’? That’s where Galmatic comes in.”

Learn more about Galmatic at www.galmatic.com and keep up with the Galmatic crew on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook

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