Australian motorsport great Mark Skaife OAM has joined the call in raising awareness of the importance of using genuine parts in vehicle repairs with his appointment as the Genuine Is Best ambassador.

Genuine Is Best ambassador and motorsport great Mark Skaife OAM says the Genuine Is Best wheel test dramatically demonstrates why using genuine parts is crucial for safety.

“Seeing the fake wheels break after hitting the pothole was shocking — if this was to happen at highway speeds the consequences could be severe,” Mr Skaife said. “The truth is these wheels are likely to be on cars out on Australian roads now.

“Genuine parts are made or selected by the vehicle’s maker and rigorously assessed by that maker as an integral component of the vehicle to meet high quality, safety and performance standards.

“So if you’re going to change your wheels or your vehicle needs repairs after an accident or even during a service, it’s crucial that genuine parts are used to ensure your vehicle drives, functions and protects you the way the vehicle’s maker intended.

“To ensure you’re getting a genuine part, source it through the vehicle manufacturer’s authorised supply chain,” Mr Skaife said.

The five-time Australian Touring Car champion and six-time Bathurst 1000 winner joined Genuine Is Best this year to help raise awareness of the importance of genuine parts.

“My motorsport career was built on safety and reliability. I always had a team behind me that made sure the car performed and protected me so that I could bring it home.

“Your vehicle’s manufacturer is the team behind your car or bike. Out on the roads you’re not in a race, but you should trust the manufacturer to know what your car needs to get you home safely too,” he said.

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