Every year hundreds of thousands of counterfeit vehicle parts are seized.

Counterfeit vehicle parts are rapidly becoming a global epidemic. Manufactured and distributed by criminal networks, hundreds of thousands of parts are being seized worldwide every year. Galmatic explore the dangers of counterfeit vehicle parts, and how drivers can avoid them.

Where possible, the local and global automotive industry has tested these parts, and tried to illustrate their dangers to car owners buying vehicle parts from unauthorised sources. The defects discovered are not to be taken lightly.

Along with scores of poor fitting panels, untested electrical components and dodgy parts that could inhibit the action of vital vehicle systems.

All expertly packaged, these parts had one thing in common. They are extremely difficult to tell apart from genuine parts. You might not notice a difference until after the part fails.

The FCAI implores the public to protect themselves and their cars with dealership servicing or by insisting that their mechanic only use original and high-quality automotive components sourced from authorised dealers.

That’s the only way you can ensure your vehicle will be protected, and your safety assured.

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