13 October 2016


A campaign that cuts to the heart of the genuine issue

When it comes to potentially life-saving equipment, price should not be the only factor in a decision.

The Volkswagen magazine campaign “Which Would You Buy” poses a choice between bargain and more expensive options for items where the line between safety and danger is very clear.


Life jackets, carabiners, parachutes – the kind of equipment where buying the cheapest possible is not the priority.

It’s easy to forget that driving or riding is the most dangerous activity most people undertake in a day.

Imitation, non-genuine and counterfeit parts are cheap because they are not up to the standard of genuine.


The only certainty about a car crash is that it is impossible to predict. The who, what, when, where and why of an accident is totally uncertain until after the fact.

Ensuring your car is fitted and repaired with genuine parts means you retain the highest possible level of vehicle safety and crash fitness.


After all, it’s not how much you save. It’s who.

The original concept and execution was created in Sao Paulo by advertising agency AlmapBBDO for Volkswagen Original Parts in Brazil.


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