19 December 2019

Stay Chill – Coolant Check

Coolant is tasked with keeping your cars engine well… cool.

With furnace like temperatures predicted for the holiday period, your cooling system is going to be working at full capacity to keep your motor at a happy operating temperature. A quick coolant check can be cheap insurance against overheating, particularly if you have an older vehicle.

Bonnets up again! Coolant reservoirs are mounted in different places for more or less every car. You’re looking for a transparent plastic reservoir, often filled with green or pink coolant liquid. Don’t confuse it with the windscreen washer reservoir?

Never attempt to check your vehicle’s coolant while vehicle is hot, or even warm. Cooling systems operate under pressure, and pulling the cap off at the wrong time could cause liquid to spurt and burn exposed skin.

Your reservoir will have an indicator on the side showing the FULL mark. If the coolant’s bang on FULL, you’re ready to roll. If it’s low, give it a quick top up with your vehicle manufacturers recommended coolant. (can be halfway if cold?)

If you’re having trouble finding the reservoir, here’s an easy trick. Nearly every car has the radiator mounted right at the front of the engine, so it gets maximum airflow. Coolant pumps from the reservoir, through your radiator and through your engine. Start at the radiator at the front and follow the hose from there., It will lead you to the reservoir.

Remember, if you’re unsure, get in touch with your car’s local dealer and ask for advice, or an appointment. Don’t take risks with the health of your car, or your road safety.

IMPORTANT: If you are unsure, always head directly to your local vehicle dealer to have your car checked. Never get on the road if you have even a small concern about whether or not your vehicle is safe.

This is general information only. Every vehicle is different and all drivers are responsible for their own vehicles. Always consult your vehicle’s manual, and contact your local vehicle dealer for advice.

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