INDIA: The counterfeit auto parts black market has surpassed the growth of car and motorcycle sales, according to a report by The Times of India.

Doubling in size in just five years, India’s AUD$4.5 billion plus counterfeit car part market is considered a major road safety risk. Despite legislative efforts and brand enforcement by OEM vehicle manufacturers, the fake spare parts market continues to flourish.

The burgeoning global criminal market has spilled into Australia many times. Counterfeits seized include wheels, body parts, filters, brake pads, safety system components and suspension equipment, each shown to be dangerously inferior in testing and analysis.

Authentication Solutions Providers’ Association President Nakul Parischa told the Times Of India that counterfeit parts made by ‘fly-by-night’ operators in India or imported from criminal factories in China were to blame for up to a fifth of car crashes.

“A good 20 per cent of all road accidents in India are attributed to counterfeit automotive parts… As vehicles get older, customer are likely to look for cheaper alternatives to OEM parts and therefore tend to get exposed to spurious options.” he said.

Just this month, over AUD$100,000 worth of counterfeit Honda motorcycle and scooter parts were seized in East and North India, with Honda brand enforcement seizing 94,000 fake parts in just three years.

Be counterfeit aware, insist on genuine parts and ensure they are purchased through the authorised dealer network. If you suspect you have encountered a counterfeit part please report it here.

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