24 August 2015


Australian motorsport great Mark Skaife OAM has joined the call in raising awareness of the importance of using genuine parts in vehicle repairs with his appointment as the Genuine Is Best ambassador.

The five-time Australian Touring Car champion and six-time Bathurst 1000 winner said it is vital for consumers to know why genuine parts need to be used in car or motorcycle repairs.

“People need to know that this is a serious safety issue,” Mr Skaife said. “Only genuine original equipment parts have been designed, engineered and selected by the manufacturer of your motor bike or car. And only genuine parts have been tested by the manufacturer of your vehicle as an integral component for safety and quality. You can be sure that it’s a genuine part if it’s new and comes through the vehicle maker’s authorised supply chain.

“So if your vehicle needs repairs after an accident or even if it’s just a service, it’s crucial that genuine parts are used to ensure your vehicle operates the way it was intended.

“Put simply – genuine parts are meant to be on your car or bike.

“My motorsport career was built on safety and reliability. I always had a team behind me which made sure the car performed and protected me so that I could bring it home.

“Your vehicle’s manufacturer is the team behind your car or bike. Out on the roads you’re not in a race, but you should trust the manufacturer to know what your car needs to get you home safely, too.”

FCAI chief executive and Genuine Is Best spokesman Tony Weber said Mark Skaife’s success behind the wheel and his work in vehicle and track safety development makes him ideal for the role of ambassador.

“Mark knows first-hand how critical it is for the parts of your car to work together properly and the risks connected to parts that aren’t designed, engineered and built specifically for your car. That’s why he sees genuine parts as being essential for your own vehicle’s safety and reliability,” Mr Weber said.

“We’re very happy to have Mark join Genuine Is Best.”

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