19 December 2019

Ho Ho Hoses – Hose Check

Keeping your engine cool is a big job during an Australian summer. Long drives in hot hot heat can push some older vehicles’ hose connections to breaking point.

Once more, pop that bonnet and give the engine bay a quick scan. The hoses we’re looking for are the same as those that connect your radiator to your engine and coolant reservoir.

Making sure the car is off and cool, with no pressure in the system. Look for any cracked, overly hard or perishing hoses before you pull out of the driveway and hit the road. If it’s easy to do so, run your hand over the surface of the hoses as well as visually inspecting them.

If you’re doing big miles, a quick hose check before you bolt could spare you a hot and miserable wait beside the road. It’s a cheap, easy check that might save a boiled engine.

Got a hose that makes you say ‘I just don’t know?’, but you’re not confident to swap it out solo? Get in touch with your nearest dealer and ask for their assistance.

IMPORTANT: If you are unsure, always head directly to your local vehicle dealer to have your car checked. Never get on the road if you have even a small concern about whether or not your vehicle is safe.

This is general information only. Every vehicle is different and all drivers are responsible for their own vehicles. Always consult your vehicle’s manual, and contact your local vehicle dealer for advice.

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