3 February 2020


Was your car one of the estimated 10,000* damaged in Sydney during the fierce January 20 hailstorm?

With $1 billion* in repairs expected, Genuine is Best is urging Australians to ask one simple question of their repairer.

“Will you use genuine parts and manufacturer approved methods to repair my car?”

There are several opportunities to ask.

1. Generally, once you have processed the claim, your insurer will direct you to a repairer for assessment. The repairer will look over your vehicle with you. Ask the repairer and note their answer.

2. After this initial evaluation, an assessor representing your insurer will attend the repairer to provide their own assessment. They will phone you afterwards to inform you of the next step. Ask the assessor and note their answer.

3. Next, the repairer should provide you with a briefing on the proposed work, as well as a timeline for the repair. Ask again, and note the answer.

If the answer is no at any stage of the process, contact your insurer and request an explanation.

You and your car deserve genuine parts and manufacturer approved repairs. Anything else could be a risk.

If your insurer will not repair the vehicle with genuine parts and approved repair methods, it’s time to consider a new insurer. Make sure you check the PDS and ask questions about the policy and genuine parts.

Why is genuine best?

Hail damage can permanently compromise the structure of your vehicle, with unauthorised repairs or inferior non-genuine parts adding to the problem.

Genuine car parts and manufacturer approved repair methods are the only way to ensure your car is returned to the safety and reliability it had before the damage.

Accept no substitutes.

* https://www.goauto.com.au/download/1447.pdf

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