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6 September 2017

Five times genuine would really, really have been better

When it comes to repairing your car, genuine parts are the only way to ensure your car protects and perform as the manufacturer intended.

In this post, we take a look at six non-genuine repairs that fluctuate between downright dangerous, to quite inventive (also still downright dangerous).

1. Replacing a rear windscreen wiper is one of the more inexpensive repairs a car could require. A quick trip to the local BMW dealer for a replacement would have been a clean sweep, and done an infinitely better job at keeping rear vision clear. Especially compared with the broom and cable tie solution they have rigged up to save a few bucks.















2. In crowded parking lots and even city traffic, wing mirrors are often the most exposed part of your car. Sometimes they fall victim to a careless driver or rider or get scraped against obstacles. Our driver here has elected to remedy to their mirror situation with a hairbrush and duct tape. It might be the right-ish shape, but next time they need to merge into a left lane they might be brushing a truck.


















3. You’re probably thinking, ‘well this does the job, and it looks kind of cool’. Maybe, but the fact is that in a collision this bodged repair job could make your interior a very dangerous place to be.
















4. A busted headlight from an evident has been replaced with… wait for it… a print out of a headlight. This probably isn’t going to cut it once the sun goes down.













5. A broken window can be a pain, but a genuine replacement might save your life. Especially if the alternative is a poorly fibreglassed house window frame ready to shower passengers in glass shards and splintered debris.

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