13 October 2016




Every part of your car is engineered to work together with the parts around it. They are tested rigorously to meet high quality, safety and performance standards.

Genuine parts are made or selected by the vehicle’s maker and tested thoroughly as an integral component of the vehicle. They ensure that your vehicle will drive, perform and protect. Substituting non-genuine parts potentially compromises the entire system.

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There is more to quality than looking the part and working in ordinary circumstances. A counterfeit or non-genuine part might play its role in daily motoring, but in extreme circumstances like a crash, its performance is at best untested. At worst, it might be fatal.

Genuine parts are a known quantity, in any scenario. They could be the difference that gets you home safely.



Counterfeit parts are illegal imitations sold as genuine parts. They may be stamped with serial numbers and the logo of the car or motorcycle manufacturer in order to deceive consumers into thinking they are genuine parts.

Produced with shoddy practices and made using sub-standard materials, we demonstrated that counterfeit products are not up to the task.

In a controlled 50km/h pothole strike, something everyone has encountered at some point, the fake wheel broke apart – sending a large metal shard flying. The fake wheel comprehensively failed one of the most basic tests manufacturers use to ensure the quality of their rolling stock.

Add highway speed and a vehicle loaded with kids and luggage and the reality of the issue becomes clear.

The fake wheel broke at just 50km/h in the pothole test



Are you one of those people who measures a car’s value by how many kilometres you can get out of it? Us too. Genuine parts deliver higher mileage. Just ask Victor Sheppard: he put 1.6 million kilometres on a Toyota Tundra in nine years using exclusively genuine parts. Toyota were so impressed they gave him a brand new one!

Not enough? What about Irvin Gordon. With 50 years and five million clicks on his Volvo P1800, Irv is the world record holder for vehicle mileage and the envy of odometer watchers everywhere. When it comes to parts and servicing, Irvin is a stickler for genuine.

Victor Sheppard's 2007 Tundra hit 1 million miles.




There is more to road safety than protecting the occupants of a car. A recent test we undertook demonstrated the danger a non-genuine steel bonnet could pose to a child pedestrian.

With poor fit and finish, the non-genuine bonnet provided an increased head impact criteria (HIC) score, indicating an increased chance of a traumatic brain injury.

The results were so damning The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries was compelled to again call for greater controls on the use of non-genuine components in motor vehicle repairs.



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