19 December 2019

Don’t Be a Drip – Oil Leak Check

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It lubricates the moving components of your engine so they can move with less friction. This reduces heat and ensures the mechanics of the motor are maintained for a long life.

Oil leaks are a serious concern. They mean your car is bleeding, and that you’re leaving a slippery and dangerous trail behind your car and where you park. This isn’t just a worry for your engine. It presents a massive threat to cyclists, motorcyclists and other drivers, who can lose traction if they hit your dropped oil.

The easiest way to see if your car has an oil leak? Check the pavement or road where you normally park. Are there any wet and discoloured marks around under where the engine sits? Dab the suspected leak with paper towel and check it out.  

Unfortunately, during extended periods of operation, the heat of the motor causes expansion and contraction, which can expose oil leaks that might otherwise go under the radar.

If you suspect a leak, grab your smartphone and its trusty torch, pop the bonnet and shine it in around the engine bay. Look around the sides of the motor for any tell-tale signs of leakage, or oil where it shouldn’t be (it shouldn’t be anywhere except inside the motor).

If you have any concerns whatsoever about an oil leak, get in immediate contact with your vehicle’s nearest dealer for advice for your car.

IMPORTANT: If you are unsure, always head directly to your local vehicle dealer to have your car checked. Never get on the road if you have even a small concern about whether or not your vehicle is safe.

This is general information only. Every vehicle is different and all drivers are responsible for their own vehicles. Always consult your vehicle’s manual, and contact your local vehicle dealer for advice.

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