19 December 2019

Clean the car – Interior Check

Yes, this is another safety critical check. No, it may not seem like it.

A clean interior is a happy interior, but there’s more to it than that. Those shoes pushed back under the driver’s seat.  They could slide forward and impede your accelerator pedal, or worse. Your brake. Anything loose in the car has the same potential.

In an accident, everything that isn’t tied down becomes a missile. An empty glass bottle of ginger beer left rolling on the seat can quickly turn into a threat if inertia comes into play.

A quick sweep of the interior of the car won’t just make it a nicer place to be, it will make it a safer car to drive.

While there, take a few moments to make sure you’ve set your driving position. Fatigue is a major factor in road safety. By making your driving position as ergonomically pleasing as possible, you make it easier, and less exhausting to drive. A good, upright and alert seating position also places you perfectly to react quickly to the unexpected, and makes sure your seatbelt and safety devices can do their job.

IMPORTANT: If you are unsure, always head directly to your local vehicle dealer to have your car checked. Never get on the road if you have even a small concern about whether or not your vehicle is safe.

This is general information only. Every vehicle is different, and all drivers are responsible for their own vehicles. Always consult your vehicle’s manual and contact your local vehicle dealer for advice.

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Clean the car – Interior Check
Yes, this is another safety critical check. No, it may not seem like it. A clean interior is a happy interior, but there’s more
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