1 December 2020

Car industry campaigns for summer safety

A summer campaign by motoring industry initiative Genuine is Best is raising awareness about the importance of genuine parts and servicing, ahead of what is expected to be the busiest ever summer on Australian roads.

Launched on the first day of summer, the campaign urges drivers to maintain their vehicle’s safety and integrity by insisting on genuine parts for their pre-holiday service.

With more Australians anticipated to drive to their summer holiday destination than ever before, the campaign message is ‘When it comes to your car, changing just one non-genuine part can change everything.’

Genuine parts are made or selected by the vehicle’s maker and rigorously tested by that maker as an integral component of the vehicle to meet high quality, safety, and performance standards. This ensures a vehicle will drive, function, and protect in the way it was intended.

Fitting non-genuine parts to a tested vehicle platform can create unknowns.

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) Chief Executive Tony Weber said he hoped vehicle owners would insist on genuine parts at their next service or repair.

“Over these summer holidays, the family car will take centre stage. COVID-19 restrictions have precluded international travel and limited domestic options to holidaymakers. As people hit the road for holiday destinations closer to home, our road networks will have more cars on them than ever before,” said Mr Weber.

“More cars on the road creates more road safety risk. It’s never been more important to know your car is capable of offering the same protection and performance it did when it left the showroom.

“Genuine parts, servicing, and accessories are tested and proven by carmakers to ensure they perform every day and protect you and other road users in case of the unexpected.”

The FCAI’s Genuine is Best initiative focuses on the safety, performance and durability benefits delivered by genuine replacement parts.

Information on genuine parts, why they should be used, and how to ensure your car is kept genuine is available at www.genuineisbest.com.au

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