Brutal vehicle testing endured by proving ground engineers is celebrated in a new campaign by automotive industry initiative Genuine is Best.

Launched during Road Safety Week, the spotlight is on the beleaguered posterior of Vehicle Dynamics Technician Keith, working at Holden’s Lang Lang proving ground.

Proving grounds; elaborate top-secret test sites where vehicle makers test the mettle of their metal are designed to prove parts will perform, and protect. The remit of proving ground engineers is to push the envelope. They drive cars and components hard, simulating lifetimes of abuse to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Following Keith as he evaluates a vehicle over rough test circuits, the campaign is a snapshot into the thousands of hours of violent real-world testing that goes into proving every vehicle component.

The bone jarring, brain rattling work of engineers like Keith is why genuine parts are best. They have been proven using massive advanced facilities available only to the manufacturer, with exhaustive testing methods.

Watch the full video below.


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