Car Industry Issues Counterfeit Parts Warning

The online counterfeit car part market is flourishing, according to brand protection firm Corsearch, and this places Australian road users at higher risk of harm from low quality fake parts that may be fitted to their vehicles without their knowledge. Corsearch monitors the volume of counterfeit vehicle part listings on e-commerce platforms, assisting brands to …

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What is ADAS?

Four letters critical to keeping you safe. ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Their job is to give drivers the best technology to keep passengers, pedestrians and all road users safe. Built into your car to supplement driver safety, ADAS are a mix of mechanical, electric and electronic aids. One of the earliest examples …

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Counterfeit Collision Crooks Exposed

A New Zealand collision repair part supplier has been caught red handed after a former employee blew the whistle and exposed a wide-ranging parts ‘rebirthing’ operation. The employee claims the supplier sold collision parts like bonnets, fenders and bumpers to smash repairer companies. He claims his ex-employer purchased the parts from an Australian supplier, ground …

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Get Ready for the Road!

With COVID-19 restrictions being cautiously eased, you might be thinking about jumping back in the car after a few weeks, or months where it’s been sitting still. Isolation has been tough and that extended downtime means your car may have been a little neglected. It’s nothing dramatic, but all that time in park means your …

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Aren’t Genuine Parts Made by Other Suppliers?

A theme on Genuine is Best social media channels are comments stating: “You say only genuine parts are appropriate for each vehicle.  But, vehicle manufacturers don’t make all their own parts.  Some of their genuine parts are made by other suppliers.” That’s absolutely true. Vehicle manufacturers sometimes engage external suppliers to develop and manufacture parts …

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