Counterfeit Car Part Market Flourishes Amid Pandemic

2020 saw over 1.7 million counterfeit parts confiscated by a single brand, raising concerns that the Australian motorist could be facing increasing risks on our roads. In a recent statement Daimler head of Legal Product Intellectual Property Florian Adt said over 550 raids had shown an increase in the volume of seizures with online vendors …

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Counterfeit Off-Road Parts Seized

Four-wheel drive enthusiasts are at risk of being duped by counterfeit ‘strut spacers’ that place vehicles in danger of catastrophic failure. The strut spacers promise to improve off-road performance, illegally bearing genuine brand marks to deceive drivers into thinking they have received a part backed by their vehicle’s maker. Marketed online, a batch was recently …

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REPORT: Counterfeit Impacts Expected to Double

The impacts of the global counterfeit market are expected to double by 2022, according to a new report by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s(FICCI) Committee Against Smuggling and Counterfeiting Activities Destroying Economy (CASCADE). “8%-15% of global GDP is impacted due to illicit trade and criminal activities. It is estimated that the …

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$400K in Counterfeit Car Parts Seized

PHILADELPHIA: Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in the USA have seized 5,657 counterfeit vehicle parts valued at AUD$400,000. The shipment included vehicle door locks, hinges, powered mirrors, steering wheel switches, headlights and taillights, grills, rear bumpers, and paint kits. A media release from the CBP detailed the the impact of the seizure. Distracted drivers aren’t …

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Industry Training Leads to Counterfeit Seizures

Australian Border Force (ABF) has confirmed training provided by automotive industry initiative Genuine is Best and Toyota Motor Corporation was pivotal in assisting ABF officers with identifying and seizing potential counterfeit vehicle parts. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) Genuine is Best initiative in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (Toyota), has taken a …

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Easter Car Safety Check

Easter weather might be the hardest to predict of the year. Torrential downpour? Crisp sunshine? Both? What’s certain for drivers striking out this Easter for a long weekend away? Busier roads, holiday stress and chocolate eggs. These brief holiday periods can put us under a lot of pressure, and the last minute push to get …

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Car Industry Issues Counterfeit Parts Warning

The online counterfeit car part market is flourishing, according to brand protection firm Corsearch, and this places Australian road users at higher risk of harm from low quality fake parts that may be fitted to their vehicles without their knowledge. Corsearch monitors the volume of counterfeit vehicle part listings on e-commerce platforms, assisting brands to …

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