2 August 2016


China tightens collar on fake peddlers.

State-run Chinese broadcaster Xinhua has reported over 10,000 suspects have been prosecuted with the charge of producing counterfeit goods.

Presiding over a national meeting on counterfeit control, Vice-Premier Wang Yang said 64,000 cases involving fake medicines, construction materials, toys and notably, automobile parts, had been investigated to action the prosecutions.

Of the 10,000 charged, 8,000 received guilty verdicts.

0,000 suspects have been prosecuted with the charge of producing counterfeit goods.

Yang warned the results were ‘only a dent’ in the counterfeit market, with criminals using technology and stealth to evade detection.

Tightened online supervision, an improved tip-off system and a special operation code named ‘Breeze’ will be launched to prevent counterfeit products being exported, with trade fairs and online stores to be the focus of particular scrutiny.


In May of this year police in east China made a bust of over 33,000 fake car parts, with items seized including everything from filters, cables and seals to safety-critical items such as airbags, brake master cylinders and brake pads.

FCAI chief executive officer Tony Weber said the biggest issue when fitting fake parts is a potential compromise to vehicle safety.

“It offers a clear reminder to consumers that just because they see a branded box, bag or label they shouldn’t assume they’re buying a genuine part. The way to avoid safety concerns posed by fake parts is to ensure you or your repairer sources genuine replacement parts from the vehicle maker’s authorised supply chain,” he said.

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