6 November 2019

$10.2M Counterfeit Car Parts Seized

Over AUD$10 million in counterfeit vehicle parts have been seized in the United Arab Emirates this year to date for just one automotive brand.

Representing solely faked Toyota parts, the released figures follow five seperate raids in 2019, coordinated by Al Futtaim Toyota and the UAE Government.

Primarily consumable service items, the counterfeit parts seized and destroyed include include 34,000 counterfeit oil filters and 6,000 counterfeit brake pads.

Genuine is Best’s comparative testing of counterfeit oil filters demonstrated a major risk of irreversible engine damage. The filters did not actually filter oil.

Counterfeit brake pads containing asbestos have also been seized locally, with testing by automotive brands demonstrating fake brake pads that fail to slow the vehicle, degrade rapidly and risk catching fire.

Counterfeit vehicle part experts have stated the UAE is often a stop used by counterfeiters as they seek to ship the pirated parts to Australia.

In 2018, Director of Nationwide Research Group Craig Douglas advised Genuine is Best in relation to counterfeit brake pads, stating fakes often passed through the UAE on their way to Australia. Mr Douglas has 25 years’ experience working with Australian automotive brands to investigate counterfeit parts. 

“We know that these inferior parts are being fitted to vehicles locally and without the knowledge or consent of the vehicle owners,” he said.

“We are increasingly seeing dangerous fakes imported into Australia from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE. We have traced counterfeit dealers in these regions approaching Australian automotive retailers offering to sell them parts they describe as genuine at less than local prices.

“The seized parts represent a minute fraction of the AUD$20 billion global counterfeit syndicates.”

The Australian automotive industry and Genuine is Best work with the Australian Government to train border security and customs officers to identify and seize counterfeit vehicle parts.

Featured Image Credit: The National

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