genuine parts lamborghini servicing high kilometre super car

A UK supercar owner who has set a goal of racking up 480,000 kilometres (300,000 miles) on the odometer of his Murcielago says using genuine parts and servicing by Lamborghini has been a significant factor in the car’s longevity and reliability.

genuine parts lamborghini servicing high kilometre super car

Simon George is an out-and-out Lamborghini enthusiast whose well-travelled orange Murcielago was featured in a recent story in the prestigious UK publication Autonews.

Since buying the car in the late 1990s, George’s V12, two-seat rear-engined supercar has had a tough life. The car earns its “keep” almost every day at 6TH Gear Experience, where customers (of varied skill levels) pay to drive the car at various events.

One customer crashed it into a tree five years ago. It was rebuilt over four years – using genuine Lamborghini parts, of course, and is now back on the road, performing as strongly as ever.


















“I think using original parts has been a factor in its longevity however, servicing by Lamborghini themselves has been a bigger factor. They have been able to spot issues and carry out preventative maintenance before failures occurred,” George said when contacted by the Genuine is Best team.

“What I do firmly believe is usage makes Italian supercars easier and more rewarding to drive.”

“I reckon I can get it to 300,000 [miles] within 18 months or so although it only goes on the road now and is retired from the track.”

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